Steps to Join

Volunteer Application
Steps Toward Becoming a LAPS Therapy Team

A woman handler introduces her therapy dog to a young girl Loving Animals Providing Smiles (LAPS) wants each therapy team handler to be a proud, skilled member of our group, and each pet to be a happy, balanced partner when working with the public.

We require our teams to complete a comprehensive membership process. Based on our long experience in training pets and handlers to provide quality animal-assisted therapy, we have developed the following procedure:

A volunteer speaks with the public at the LAPS P/R booth

How do I Start?

Download, fill out and mail an application, along with a copy of your pet’s vaccination records, to our office. Once that is received, a LAPS volunteer will contact you to learn more about you, your pet, and your interests. We will help you through all the remaining steps.

Click here for an application form