Grocery Cards

Loving Animals Providing Smiles is registering with as many of the grocery store and other eScrip-types of programs as we can.

We are currently enrolled with:

These programs give 1-3% of your total purchases to our group.

Again, this is at no cost to the shopper.

This is a way for you to donate some funds to LAPS while doing your everyday grocery shopping

Please contact us so that we can get you a card for your favored store, or figure out the easiest way for you to designate LAPS on your existing card.

Another “invisible” donation can be found in your credit card “Bonus Points.” You may be able to directly designate LAPS as a recipient of your credit card bonuses via eScrip, or you might consider simply cashing in your points for dollars and then making a separate, tax-deductible cash donation to LAPS .

In the Napa-Vallejo area, watch for information on “Dine and Donate” days at local restaurants to benefit LAPS. This is a popular way for restaurants to support nonprofit groups. We hope to schedule these special days from time-to-time.

Thank you again for supporting Loving Animals Providing Smiles as we continue our volunteer efforts.