Associate Member

Loving Animals Providing Smiles welcomes Associate Members who support our organization's goals and wish to donate time to the group. These individuals need not be certified therapy handlers.

Our Goals

  1. To bring animal-assisted therapy to people in various settings (schools, nursing facilities, hospitals, care homes, etc.)
  2. To increase public awareness of the positive effects of animals on health and human development
  3. To train, evaluate, and register animal-assisted therapy teams to increase the number of teams in the community
practice hospital bed

Associate Members do not pay dues nor are they subject to any requirements other than supporting our Volunteer Values:

We are looking for community members who have some time to lend a hand to:

If you can help, please print the Application for Associate Membership and return it to us. One of our volunteers will contact you soon.

Thank you for your interest and support of Loving Animals Providing Smiles.

Application for associate member